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Originated as a modern bake sale during the COVID19 crisis to raise funds for BLM and related causes. During one of the most devastating events of our generation, like many of us Chef/Owner Sarah Howley sought faith and understanding. The magickal path and ancient practice using elements and energies of the earth such as herbs and flowers brought peace during a volatile time.

Combined, Black Rose Briar was born, a nature focused metaphysical and apothecary shop with a commitment to community involvement. 

Where did the name originate?


Well, once upon a dream of course

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Sarah Howley
Head Witch

Sarah is a native Vermonter and graduate of New England Culinary Institute.

After a decade of managing kitchens and bakeries she developed an allergy to wheat flour causing her to begin a  focus on the gluten free lifestyle. The study of magick came to her in a time of self reflection and healing. Manipulating energy to create positivity in her world through her self care items and metaphysical tools with a focus on community outreach.

On the weekend you can find Sarah swimming in Vermont's waterfalls with her fiance Jordan, Dancing at metal shows with her friends or hiking with her kitty Milton.

Always with a coffee in hand. 

With Dedication to


Hestia, veiled Goddess of the Hearth and Home, wielding of the Eternal Flame. We honor you by honoring our home and community as you dedicated yourself to yours.

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